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MODUS Upper Cut Blend Pre Roll 2G (2 Count/Pack)

MODUS Upper Cut Blend Pre Roll 2G (2 Count/Pack)

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Modus Upper Cut Prerolls are a seriously premium choice for smokable hemp products. Modus Upper Cut Pre-rolls are conveneiently ready to go and amongst the most powerful cannabis alternative products you’ll find on the market today. Our team goes through a stringent process of researching, testing and quality assurance before we settled on the ingredients used to make Modus Upper Cut Preroll Blend.  

Premium Ingredients that make our Upper Cut Blend:

  • THC-H: THC-H is short for Tetrahydrocannabihexol. This naturally occurring cannabinoid is known for its long chemical chain. It is about 15 times stronger than Delta 9 THC. 
  • Delta 8 Live Resin: This Delta 8 extract is sourced from hemp flowers, and contains the full terpene profile of the plant. This means you get a richer flavor.
  • THCjd: This is a newly discovered cannabinoid that is produced naturally by the cannabis plant. It is known for its psychoactive effects. THCjd is nearly 20 times more potent than Delta 9 THC.

The Modus Upper Cut Preroll is the next generation of innovative flower products. The combination of these three ingredients creates a blend that is truly worthy of the name ‘Upper Cut.’

What to Expect from Modus Upper Cut Preroll Strain

We understand that the appeal of cannabis and hemp products isn’t just their effects, but also their flavor. That’s why we make our Upper Cut Blend available with different terpene-specific strain flavors. Here’s what you can expect from each strain.

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck: This Sativa strain is known by different names, including Matanuska Thunder Fuck. It has a strong, complex flavor with notes of cedar, pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk. There’s also a bit of nuttiness and earthiness to it.

  • Lemon Cherry Gelato: This exotic Sativa strain has a distinct citrusy flavor with earthy, piney, fruity, and berry notes.

  • Gush Mintz: This Hybrid strain has a peculiar minty flavor. It also has diesel, cherry, nutty, and piney notes. 

  • Oreoz: This Hybrid strain does justice to its name. It has a mouthwatering aroma with hints of chocolate, nuts, and diesel flavor.

  • Watermelon Zkittlez: This Indica strain has a bold tropical flavor. You’ll get hints of sweet-sour citrus and watermelon flavor. 
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